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Why Practices Grow (and Why They Don’t)

You can operate so the people you serve want your services, and pay for them gladly, even with appreciation.
You can master your practice.
And when you do…
You grow.
You thrive.
You get the practice you once imagined you would have.
Would you like this different kind of practice?
If you said yes, you are in the right place

The key to a successful practice is that you thrive while your practice continues to grow and have greater profits.

It isn’t about working yourself to death trying to keep up.

It is not spending 18-hour days 8 days a week working. That’s a prescription for burnout, an unhappy life, and a heart attack.

When you operate your practice as a science, with knowing certainty about the right sequence of   what to do, when to do it and how to do it, your practice and life changes.

Smiles and happy faces become the norm. You feel better, even excited and so does your family and team. Patients notice too. And they like it.

Good days are a plenty. Bad ones are rare (Yeah, they do happen still, honestly, but not anywhere like before.)

Yet, without knowing how a practice really works when it grows, using the right actions in the right sequences, the work of growing your practice can be overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting.

So how do you move ahead?

Is it luck or some inherent skill that you are born with?

 How do we get your practice operating at a high level, growing profitably and enjoying the journey?

Master Your Practice Unravels an Age-old Mystery

Different levels of practice require different set of tools, systems and skills!

When you start out, you figure it out as you go, but the rules change as you grow.

The rules and principles that worked so well before, stop working as your revenues grow and the size of your team increases.

Most professionals never learn this.

“What got you here, won’t get you there “reigns as a natural law.

The good news is that these new principles and rules are learnable.

Tools and systems do exist to overcome the new challenges.

I struggled for years before the realizing the answers weren’t to be found inside the profession.

These answers and solutions came from outside the realm of professional practices.

 That’s when everything changed!

What Happens When You Don’t Know the Rules or How to Apply Them?

You can get yourself in quite a pickle!  Ask me why I know!

The Left-Over Screw

When my oldest daughter was just a wee tyke, I had the personal joy of putting a bike together one Christmas Eve night. Like many men, I didn’t need the directions. No, that would just slow me down. No time for that.

I unboxed the red bicycle frame and its associated parts and went merrily on my way, sipping the good eggnog and listening to Christmas music.

Then I got to the end.

That’s when I noticed a left-over screw, and some other parts.

“Where in the heck was all that supposed to go?” I thought to myself.

Internal curse words bounced inside my cranium.

The wife-y gave me that look that only she could give with its mix of “I told you so, that was just stupid and now you have to fix it.” 

Then a second look of sympathy that bespoke forgiveness of my maleness.

I gave a deep sigh signaling my admission of defeat for not using the directions. So, I took it apart while muttering under my breath.

I am happy to report that the bike did get assembled after I read the directions and it all made sense. My little girl, Brooke, happily rode her new bike the next morning.

I had the directions from the beginning. I simply chose to ignore them. Big mistake. I paid in lost pride, lost sleep and the quiet, and oh so effective “response” of my wife. 

The good news was that I fixed it. I found the directions and put it together properly. I had the right directions and that made all the difference.

 How does this story apply to you and your practice right now? Read on…

Your Missing Directions

You spent 4 years in dental school learning the directions for creating dental care for your patients. You probably spent many more years learning the directions how to deliver excellence in dental care since then.

The directions to creating the second product of your work: your practice organization, were never given to you. They should have been. They weren’t.

You have been saddled with having to create those missing directions on your own without training, without knowing guidance or an experienced hand to show you the way.

You have had to cope with a practice design that has been a hodge-podge of pieces and parts that never really fit together.

You have been paying for it ever since in lost dollars, lost time and lost peace of mind.

Not knowing better, the chances are you created a design that has you in the middle of everything.

You, unknowingly, placed yourself in the path of virtually every task, job, process and decision in your practice.

You didn’t hire people based on a sound design because you didn’t have one.

You didn’t hire people so the practice as a business could thrive.

Instead, you hired people to help you cope with all the flows of the practice hitting you…

more things hitting you at faster and faster speeds as the practice tried to grow.

The faster the practice goes, the more you have to do, the harder it becomes for you…

the more mistakes are made and the more you feel overwhelmed.

frustrated by your effort that hasn’t yielded the fruits of your labor. 

For too many, they are paying for their life’s work with their lives.

 Isn’t it time to put more joy of living back into your life?
Get a Free Copy of My Book and Profit Creation Toolkit

Get a Free Copy of My Book and Profit Creation Toolkit

Imagine that you have the rules, tools and systems plus the guidance to put these to good use!

Would your practice be different?  Would your life be different?

Our clients tell us yes.

So, come along with us on this adventure. Join us for your discovery of a very different way to practice.

Now I am not saying it won’t be hard work. It will. But it will be about the right hard work doing the right things in the right way and in the right sequence.

Increased Practice Growth

I have been in several coaching and consulting programs before but Dr. Charley Martin’s program has been by far the most valuable in terms of learning case presentation skills and increasing practice growth and personal income.

My wife really asked me, “What have you been doing at the office?” “What do you mean?” I said. “How come there is so much cash in the checking account?

Dr. Willie Miyasaki ... Honolulu, HI

This has been the best time and money that I have spent. Last month we collected what was needed to create my dream income which I figured last meeting.. Getting me out of the middle ages regarding my financial department. We have been intensely working on creating the financial systems for our office based on your lecture last. I feel like a big weight has been lifted. Things are going so well now with your help I feel like I’m living my dream.

Dr. Leonard F. Anglis, DDS, MAGD, ABOI ... Past President, American Board of General Dentistry Crown Point, Indiana

Does This Describe You?

You may struggle with how to grow your practice, make the money you want and reach your professional potential. You want to have a successful practice and take care of your family and live a life that matters and make a good living and have a life worth living.

 And these can seem to be in constant conflict, calling for your time and attention, causing you to have anxiety, frustration and feeling like you are losing in some area of your life no matter how hard you try.

You may have thought, “It wasn’t supposed to be this hard.”

Would your practice be different?  Would your life be different?

Our clients tell us yes.

Practice used to be tough but now it is even tougher as demands are greater.

And practice pressures are pulsing higher and will continue to do so. You may be feeling them right now.

It seems there is just too much to do and too little time.

Important things are falling through the cracks and whenever you turn to handle a problem, yet another raises its ugly head, jerking you around, leaving you yearning for a different time or even another profession.

These conflicting “pulls” on you affect not just you and how you feel, but your spouse, your children, your team and your patients because you are such an important part of their lives.

You are a leader to many people whether you realize it or not.  When you win, they win, too. But when you lose, what do you think happens to them?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You are smart. You are capable of far more. You know you ought to be doing better. 

But it may feel that time is running out or you have tried to master all this before and it hasn’t worked. Yet, you know you have a deep well of untapped potential.

You don’t want to just survive and somehow get through it all. Life is meant to be more than that.

You want to thrive. You want to make meaningful progress towards making a difference that matters.

Dr Charles Martin understands how hard it can be. He has faced the same challenges you are facing today including the overwhelming demands of a family and a career that doesn’t seem to leave much time for anything else.

Even with these obstacles, he has figured out how to experience extraordinary success both professionally and personally. As a highly accomplished dental practitioner, author of six books, and mentor to dentists and general business CEOs he has consistently coached doctors and executives like you to higher levels of achievement.

The truth is it is not your fault that you have tried and not yet reached the practice success you want.

The old process of practice is broken.

  It is not you.

What you need is a different way.  Dr Charles Martin has leveraged all his training, experience and research to create a step-by-step blueprint that gives you a proven system to accomplishing your most important goals of practice and life.

It is called The Master Your Practice System.

If you want to go from stuck and stressed to clear and in control…

to feeling proud and powerful…

to having a proven path of accomplishing what really matters…

 Click the link to discover how our program can help you get where you want to go and feel great about it.

How Master Your Practice Is Different and Why It Matters to You

Three components make us different in ways that are important to you: Our System and Approach, How it Is Presented and Your Coach and Guide.

Our System and Approach


You already have a practice engine. It just doesn’t have the horsepower to break through the barriers to your practice expansion.

The Master Your Practice System acts like a turbocharger that sets on top of your practice engine turning it into a high performance, king of the road, barely street legal machine.


You are awash information and ideas. The information alone can be overwhelming!

We take the essential information that you do need and leave the rest, so you never have FOMO disease (Fear Of Missing Out).

That way you can relax and enjoy instead of suffering the angst and anxiety of scrounging around trying to keep up.

Your Stricture Picture

The first problem with we deal with is the one that troubles you most.

In our Exponential Growth Mastermind group, we deal with this critical problem first because it will choke off all your other efforts to move forward no matter how hard you try.

Our way of thinking is to solve your Stricture Picture first and then move to the next constraint. (for more read the Dental Practice Breakthrough report here.)

How Is it is Presented

Learnable Bits

Learning new things can be made more of a challenge by the way it is presented.

How we teach, and guide is always driven by how you best learn.

We know that if we make this easier, it will also be faster and more useful for you.

The key is: can our client apply?

 Data by itself is close to useless. Application of the data is the big dog. Naturally, this leads to a hard-won rule…

No Fire Hosing

Too often teachers, coaches and consultants dump information at you with such force and outflow that it overwhelms you and virtually all of it never gets implemented.

Your anxiety climbs because you know you can’t get it all and you want it. Yuck!

Sadly, this still goes on a lot, as if it serves clients better. We know it does not.

Drinking out of a Fire hose does the opposite of what it is thought to do.

“More is better” only when you can think with it and apply it.

Your brain needs time to catch up. It has two things to do – get the information and then figure out how to use it.

Information needs hooks to hold onto it and time to settle.

We like to think of our methods as a form of Brain Caffeine to improve learning performance without the jitters.

 This is the action of bringing information, understanding, contrast, comparisons and stories to get attention and maintain interest, while making all the information presented memorable and actionable.

Interactive Learning and The Power of the Group

New information, tools and systems that are learned with a combination of lecture, demonstration, examples and applications just go “in” better, easier and more completely. And so much more satisfying.

That is why we use workshops and wherever possible, we make the learning interactive, because it works better.

And even when we can’t be with you in person, we give the forethought on how to make it easier for you to learn and apply.

In group learning settings, we quite naturally apply the above, and use the power of the group, your team mates and class mates, to further the learnings by those wonderful wins and Ah-ha Moments shared.

And we know that the camaraderie of the group helps make it safe to ask those questions that too often don’t get asked, because the asker is afraid of looking stupid.

This is an even bigger problem with smart professionals like you.

So, a basic agreement among us all is those “stupid” questions are encouraged and even sought because we all learn better when they are asked.

Your Teacher and Guide


Dr Martin, but you can call him Charley, has looked high and low inside the profession and out.

And outside the profession is where the basis of this system of tools, thinking, systems was born.

That is another reason why are unique.

 This is not some re-hash of some other dental coaches and all their incestuous brethren who continue to teach these worn out concepts as if the profession hasn’t changed.


Just as you wouldn’t take health advice from a fat, chain-smoking MD, you shouldn’t take advice from folks who are well-read, clever and quick with opinions who lack the most essential ingredient for successful advice giving: experience.

The pretenders are bursting with untested theories free from that bothersome barometer of how things really work in the real world.

Some of these impersonators have book shelves sagging with books and courses but little real-world experience.

Beware the clean-handed man teaching gardening.

Dr Martin and his team have that real-world experience dealing with the daily challenges of practice.

He was a wet-gloved dentist for decades.

 He has lived the trials and tribulations you face and learned a different way to practice which he applied to his own practice.

Successful Guide

Unlike many practice advisors and consultants who turned to advising because they couldn’t apply it themselves, Dr Martin was successful in private care practice.

Charley’s unique viewpoints and “voice” were borne in the crucible of everyday practice and honed from his training outside the profession.

If you were climbing Everest, you would hire a guide who had successfully been to the top and carried others there, right? 

He has successfully guided Drs like you to create a different kind of practice with a steady, consistent flow of new patients who want to say yes to your best care, so you make more money without the frustration and overwhelm.

 So where to begin…

Where to Start Your Journey

Start with the report on Dental Practice Breakthrough. 

It's a full- bodied report much like a big bold Cabernet Sauvignon that leaves you with a delightful aftertaste and it’s an easy read, while including all that prime red meat of information.

So, click over to here to get your copy. It may just change how you think about practice – in the right way.

This report shows you:

  • How to own your practice so it doesn’t own you
  • How to stop Sprinting to the West looking for the Sunrise
  • Handling the Problem of Unsolvable Magnitude
  • The Irony of the Partial Truth and how it can bushwhack you over and over
  • Why the Next Silver Bullet or the Next Bright Shiny Object Never Solves the Real Issues
  • 93% of Dentists Think This is the Problem. Wrong. Inside: The Real Problem
  • How to End Your Overwhelm and Frustration.
  • Where the Solutions to Practice Problems Really Are.
  • The Inevitability of Personnel Problems and How to Proactively Cure Them.
  • How to Use the Stricture Picture as a Thinking Model for Solving Your Practice Profit Issues.
  • Why Working Harder Can Never Really Fix Your Growth Problems.

Everything is in a simple layout, broken into organized segments and I’ve even risked embarrassing myself by including entertaining anecdotes from my own life.

So, it should give you a giggle or two. And a whole host of ah-ha’s!

Everything is in a simple layout, broken into organized segments and I’ve even risked embarrassing myself by including entertaining anecdotes from my own life.

So, it should give you a giggle or two. And a whole host of ah-ha’s!

I recommend you read it and read it well.

When you click on the link, you can subscribe to the Master Your Practice Newsletter, as well as get this nifty report.

Oh, of course, do get your copy of my book, How to Master Your Practice that I sell here for peanuts, and it comes with a very special guarantee, so even this tiny small price to pay is completely risk free.

Goodies and Resources

And of course, feel free to roam around here and further check us out. Settle in and get comfortable. Maybe get something to eat and a strong coffee or other favorite beverage. Nose around. Get your goodies and enjoy the site built with you in mind.

Like every other successful business, we sell coaching, products and workshops.

However, there’s no catch when you sign up for our Master Your Practice Newsletter and you’ll continue to get great content for free for as long as you are a subscriber.

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