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Dr Charles Martin is the creator of the Master Your Practice System that helps you create a different kind of practice because different is better than better. We help you get a steady, consistent, predictable flow of new patients who want to say yes so you make more money. Our system helps you end the frustration and overwhelm that is too common so you can enjoy of the life of your choosing.

I am Dr Charles Martin, but you can call me Charley.

I have five adult children and five grandchildren and two grand-dogs, one of which, Cooper, steals my shoes and if not kept on a leash, runs away.

I have been married to the same wife since 1977. Her name is Holly and she is extremely patient, quite understanding and the best teammate for life a guy could ask for.

Three Reasons You Should Not Be Here

You may be wondering is this guy, Charley Martin, worth your time and attention?

For many the answer is no.

How come?

I can't help you get rich quick

Professional practice is hard and worthy because of the significant difference you can make in the lives of your patients and clients. And you should do well financially.

Still, it is not easy to do. (We can make it significantly easier for sure. And faster, too.)

You have to work through stages of growth and new ways of thinking. You have to apply yourself and be willing to invest time and money. 

Quickies aren’t found here.

Sound principles are.

So if you are looking to somehow skirt by the necessities of learning and application, we are not for you.

If You Are Somehow Thinking That You Can Just Keep Operating Like You Always Have, We Aren’t for You.

That can sound harsh. It’s not.

What got you here won’t get you there.

It requires different thinking. Different mindsets. Different ways of operating your practice.

So if you are committed to continue just like you always have, we aren’t for you.

The good news is that new thinking, systems and practice methods can give new found time and profit that would never come to you if you continue as you are.

This is not the same ole, same ole.

If you aren’t committed to taking care of your patients with excellent care, I am not your guy.

The last thing I want to do is to help the unworthy get fat financially.

If you look to “just get by clinically” or shortcut what you know you shouldn’t, I am not your guy.

If you are looking for gimmicks or the latest silver bullets that promise big and deliver little, I am not your guy.

Mealy mouth whiners, complainers and those who find the negative in every situation just don’t fit.

Gossips, the feckless and blamers won't like it here.

On the other hand, if you are committed to excellence, I would love help you help more people have better lives.

If you are fully invested in the long term success of your practice and long term success of your patients, then I would be delighted to be the catalyst that can help you leap forward.

Now, if you are still here…

What You Can Expect From Me

What you can expect from me are strategy and tactics that get results in your practice that you can put to use right away. And we’ll start by gifting this to you for free.

Naturally, these will be followed by sales pitches to buy our stuff.

You may consider them blatant, but mostly they are what you would expect and respect from a business coach committed to helping you to get where you want to go.

Yes, it is true, I will ask you to say yes to the actionable strategies, unique methods and systems we offer. And you will want to buy as we prove our value.

We won't be particularly subtle because we know you need what we offer to help you get where you want to go.

We believe we have a duty to help you get what will help you. 

Further, if we fail to get you to buy what you should, one of two things will happen, both are bad.

  • 1
    You will go without the very help you most need, that could make the biggest difference in your life and practice.
  • 2
    You will choose another route that usually won’t get the job done.

We know ours will.

So if we care about you as an individual, we have a moral obligation to insist you buy from us.

Naturally, we guarantee what we do so all risk disappears for you.

First, we will demonstrate our value as it is part of who we are.

Free comes first.

Then you will receive our requests to buy after we have proven value.


We think so and consider it a good way to do business and it fits our values.

How Do I Know Your Stuff is Good?

Try the free stuff on for size.

Get some of the free materials.

Attend a free Master Class.

Get one of my books, read the articles, go through the longer white papers. 

If you like these free materials, you’ll like us and we are a good fit. Then it is up to you to move forward. 

If you don’t, we wish you well.

Know this: We want you to win. And win big.

So Here is my First Request and Sales Pitch. Don’t worry, it is painless.

Get my new book (Yeah, you’ll pay shipping and handling to get it to you. And if you are international you’ll get the digital version because the shipping costs are sky high).

Sign up for the free training in the Master Class.

If these help you, consider buying my stuff when I make you an offer.

Fair, right?

Now have at it!

Charley Martin

Dr Charles Martin, but you can call me Charley

How I Discovered The Real Sustainable Way to Successful Practice

While practicing, I have been coaching dentists and small business owners for over 30 years, teaching them my unique roadmap to practice growth, increased profits and professional success.

I have had an enviable practice emphasizing cosmetic makeovers and dental implant reconstruction. My practice statistics strike most dentists as unbelievable or unattainable. Yet, the combination of the mindset I bring to practice and my very Sophisticated System for attracting the right patients and making successful case presentations to them is in fact teachable and replicable. I have done just that for many.

So I’m going to start out by describing my practice and life a little bit. Set aside skepticism and disbelief for now. Ignore “the reasons” and mental nay saying why you couldn’t have this kind of practice for a moment. Squelch those “little voices” that cast doubt about me or your own ability to do what I do. Just consider whether you would like to have this kind of a practice if you could – a practice you have mastered.

First of all, you should know that I take at least 10 weeks off every year, with my wife, and sometimes, with my whole family. The most recent trip was just shy of three weeks to Venice, Lake Cuomo, Milan Italy and then over to Athens and a yacht cruise in the Greek Isles.

I have taken TWO YEARS off—21 months to be exact—to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do, while my practice motored along without me because of the systems of operations I set up.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do work.

It is just that I don’t suffer through the stress of not knowing what to do or how to do it.

For me, the daily struggle is gone. I can get all the new patients I need, but I don’t need a herd of them because of my high case presentation success. I don’t see a slew of patients every day; often just one or two patients for the entire day. (Yes, I did have a reputation for being a big producer. But even if you are a regular producer, what you learn here could transform your practice life and future.)

I really enjoy my days of practice because I have trained my patients to appreciate what I do for them.

I had a staff that are dedicated and committed to taking care of my patients and me, again because I have trained them why they should by building a authentic practice culture based on my practice values, purpose and goals. . Shouldn’t you do the same?

Personnel used to drive me crazy, but not anymore. I can show you how I have done it.

I built a practice that just about any dentist would lust for…and in the process accumulated several million dollars of real wealth, and a practice worth a couple million dollars more. To some of you – maybe you –a few measly million dollars isn’t all that impressive. For many reading this, though, this is a very large number. It is such a big number that, bluntly, a number of you will never reach that number by following “The Norms of Practice” dictated by those who care not one iota about your personal success.

I also happen to know quite a few “Big Name Speakers” and so called “Heavy Hitters” of Dentistry who everyone thinks of as wealthy and successful, but who are, in truth, still in urgent need of next month production to meet last month’s expenses, who will never see a million dollars all one place in their lives –unless it’s inside a glass display in one of those casinos in Las Vegas. Many of these now are the teachers and consultants to the profession!

Anyway, I might point out that I didn’t come from money, I did not inherit a bunch of money nor did I have a rich uncle that gave me a huge trust fund. Relatively speaking, I was poor as dirt growing up. I can still remember having just one pair of pants to wear when I was a kid and those were hand-me-downs from my brother. That was long ago.

I am very good at what I do; but, certainly, few would consider me to be the best dentist that walks (frankly, I am not sure how that question would be settled.) I am a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, Diplomate of the Congress of Oral Implantologists and Fellow of the Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics, Diplomate of The American Board of Implant Dentistry.

I have spent close to 10,000 hours in training in clinical dentistry, leadership, management and marketing, thousands of those hours outside the field.

The Discovery

I really wasn’t very good when I started out, but what young dentist is? I flopped around and mostly failed at being successful early on. It was painful. I felt like “Hey, I didn’t go through all of this education and hard work to not have my dream. But my dream seemed far away.

So I started to observe and look around. What I saw was that few dentists were actually thriving or well to do. How could this be? I have to tell you, I had moments when I felt depressed, frustrated and couldn’t sleep at night.

My young wife, who I found on a blind date while in dental school didn’t like that life either.

Then I reasoned, if the dentists weren’t doing as well they should, then the answers were somewhere else.

The answers were not inside Dentistry at all.

That discovery led me to realize that answers to thriving in practice and life were outside the field of dentistry. Wow.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to come this realization:

Not because I had the answers yet, but at least I knew where to look. I now had a tract to take. And that was the turning point for me.

I had already looked high and low in the nooks and crannies within the field. I started looking at the edges of the box called dentistry. I went outside that box to study business and people.

Fully 80% of what we call practice is the same across all businesses.

Outside the box is more challenging, difficult. It is littered with wasted time, money and effort. 

Ask me how I know.

I have taught public speaking, sales, leadership, case presentation and communication. Over the past twenty years, I have consulted, coached and created programs for 14 different fields and professions outside of Dentistry.

I have helped them grow and manage their businesses to extract all the available profit and discover their hidden, underutilized hard assets and underleveraged human capital.

I have done the same for dental solo practitioners, orthodontists, implantologists, group practices, periodontists and oral surgeons in dentistry.

If you are a multi-location, multi-Dr practice looking to scale, I can help because of my training and experience with Gazelles International, a worldwide business growth coaching organization for entrepreneurs. I help scale their businesses rapidly up using an organizational turbo-charging system. If you want to grow and scale, I am the only dentist in the world with this training.

I have spent millions learning this – learning what to do and what not to do. I made more millions applying the system I developed based on both best practices of business and strategic design and a turbo-charged practice operating system, the same one used by fast growing businesses around the world.

That tract is filled with dead-ends, wrong turns and wasted efforts and comes at a time when time and money are at a premium for you. Wouldn’t you agree?

The problem for you is that route is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. And no longer necessary.

The BIG point I would like to make here for you:

For you to live on your terms, you need to operate your practice with a similar or higher standard of leadership and organizational excellence than your clinical care. You need a practice strategically designed to operate with you doing the right work, in the right sequence, in the right way using a proven practice operating system.

If this resonates with you, I suggest you:

1. Attend my free Master Class 


2. Get and read my newest book, How to Master Your Practice 

So order my new book and I will send it promptly.

Meanwhile attend the free Master Class chocked full of the good stuff. 

Who We are and What We Do

We help dentists and orthodontists to create a different kind of practice with a steady, consistent, predictable flow of new patients who want to say yes to your best care so you make more money without the frustration and overwhelm.

We provide the strategies and system to create a different kind of practice while giving Dentist owners confidence, control and reduces their stress so they can enjoy the growth, money and, for some, an equity event when they cash out.

Simply stated: with our coaching, systems and teaching, dentists and orthodontists know what to do and when.

We supply the missing directions.

If a practice is faltering or has leveled out, we help re-ignite profitable growth. While this is a different set of challenges from growing practices, we know that drs and their practices can lose their way and we are able to get them winning again by guiding the dentist owner and the executive team (if there is one) back on track.

We help our clients install and apply the systems that vault them past their competition and over the valleys of death. These valleys are so deadly that they stop growth and completely stymie expansion.

We recognize this and help practices salvage themselves so the practice becomes fun again. If you hate your practice, we can help you achieve solvency and get you winning again.

Who we are and why we do it: we are dentists and entrepreneurs ourselves. We know what it is like to face the multitude of demands as a CEO and producer of a growing practice. For us, this is not just business, but “holy work,” because it makes a huge difference to the people we serve; helping to bring them the success they seek and ultimately, it cascades good across the societies where we work

Our Promise: We only take on clients that we believe we can help. We believe in this so strongly that if we don't deliver what we promise, you don't pay or pay only what you believe is fair exchange. So yes, we put our existence as a company on the line to deliver and to deliver in spades.

Who is our client: a Dr and practice that is committed to growing, learning and applying the unique methods and systems we deliver. 

The owner Dr. should be a constant learner always looking for ways to move ahead. 

We view the work we do as a partnership, working as a team to conquer the opposition, barriers and blockages that defeat too many doctors. 

We work with individual doctors and multi-location practices so each can scale up and grow. 

We are here to help you win and win big – and enjoy the ride.

Our Values

Values are the beliefs and principles we use to guide how we work.

 These are the soul of who we are.

These are the guides to how we think and work. 

We did the work of clarifying them because they are the bedrock that serves you. 

We present them here in the spirit of transparency to show our authentic selves. 

Our Values: The Soul of Who We Are

1. Make a Difference

 a. Care about the people we serve

b. Impact our clients and their lives to help them get what they really want

c. Put smiles on faces in the process

2. Do Whatever It Takes

a. Persist with dogged tenacity

b. Go the extra mile

c. Never give up

3. Give the Guidance that People Need to make Wise Choices – teach, inform, lead, persuade and guide 

a. Because people want to better their lives, we have the responsibility to help them receive our offerings, understand them, buy them, appreciate them and benefit from them

4. Perform on What We Promise

a. Performance has the component of competence- being very good at what we do in every aspect: technically, emotionally, logically and spiritually as coaches and guides for our clients

b. Performance also has the aspect of being “on-show”- of being ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen, giving intuitive customer service – offering what they need before they may ask and being prepared to deliver it, understanding the customer journey and its components and its moments of truth. Quite naturally, this means working to be our best selves when serving just as a performer in a show does.

5. Own an Ownership Mentality

Owning your results and taking responsibility for the company, its greater good and the welfare of its team means taking the point of view of the owner; looking around, keeping one’s ear to the ground and taking care of what needs to be taken care of at the time, with speed. This means doing what is right when no one is looking. 

6. Make Mama Proud

a. Mama taught you to do right by people, and live by your word. We expect the same.

b. Whenever in doubt about some action, just ask if  “Would it make Mama proud?”

7. Make and Enjoy the Spirit of Play

Creating a professional and playful and even joyful daily life as the work engages your heart and soul and mind and your productivity soars.