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How You Can Use Gratitude to Make A Difference for Others – and Yourself

Over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house we go. We literally did that. When I was a kid, we used to go to my grandmother’s house outside a little town called Lebanon, deep in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, most every Thanksgiving. It was “the sticks.” And the people spoke Country Southern […]

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Velocity is all about the speed at which you get things done and deliver your service. It is far more important than is typically recognized. Entire industries have been built based on speed- the faster the velocity, the better. Fast food, Overnight delivery, Email (regular mail is now called snail mail), Eloans, Ebooks, instant printing, […]

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What Happens Eventually When You Grow Your new Patients & Get More Yeses

If you grow your practice and your profits by getting more new patients and getting them to say yes, and you do it well, you will still run into other problems in the other spheres of practice, typically these happen with your team and with collections and with overhead.Most dentists mistakenly think that just solving […]

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Are You Emotionally Rejecting Patients

I was sitting there on my doctor’s stool listening…to the second new patient in two days tell me about his highly charged prior dental experiences. His face grimaced and contorted and went through a series of gyrations reflecting his mixed emotions as he related his perceptual reality of his past.The misemotion coming out as this […]

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Ideas into action is known and understood as required for achieving anything. Actions bring dreams and ideas into reality.Lack of action is legend. Excuses of “why I didn’t,” and “I am too busy,” are just two of the self deluding mantras given by most people. These are given as the reason why of inaction as […]

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Danger of Perfect

Perfect is somehow attached to our personalities. Wanting something to be perfect is not a bad thing. But when you are starting something new, you can’t expect perfect from the start. Remember how you were when you did your first crown prep or your first root canal or your first implant, you were far from […]

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Blind Spot Disease

Do You Manage by Your Numbers Or Do YouUnknowingly Let Your Numbers Manage You?”The $750,000 Little Thing”Your numbers will set you free (or keep your caged inside a 9 X 11 foot cubicle, never to see the light of day except maybe through a window)Over and over, I see, to my dismay, the repeated errors […]

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The Second Competence

“There was dust on the table in the MD’s waiting room,” she lamented.“Coffee stains on the tray table are not a good sign,” sighed the veteran of the skies.“The outside door needs painting,” remarked the middle age lady with disappointment, commenting on her dentist.None of these are indicators of the competence of the medical doctor […]

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A Remarkable Insight Into the Language of Influence

So simple. So powerful.When I first met my new patient, Margaret, I felt a strong emotional connection immediately. I liked her. She needed exactly what I knew I could provide.I carefully listened actively to what she had to say. She had had a difficult time with dentistry for her whole life. She was ashamed of […]

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