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Blind Spot Disease

Do You Manage by Your Numbers Or Do YouUnknowingly Let Your Numbers Manage You?

"The $750,000 Little Thing"

Your numbers will set you free (or keep your caged inside a 9 X 11 foot cubicle, never to see the light of day except maybe through a window)

Over and over, I see, to my dismay, the repeated errors of not knowing what to measure or how to measure it in a dental practice. Moreover, it is the relationship of the numbers to each other that tells the really juicy story that leads to leaps in improvement and profit.

A Case In Point

One of our members from Minnesota related, during his time of the masterminding session, how much he was paying for staff- it was way, way overboard. He knew it... but he hadn't acted. Why? Because it seemed to be more important not to "rock the boat", besides he liked his staff and didn't want to be forced to confront them. A touchy subject.

I questioned what these "silly" little percentage points meant in dollar terms ... per month ... then per year ... then over the next s years. It was $750,000 dollars.


Then the reality set in and swept over this group.

Now it wasn't a few silly percentage points too much - it was the very viability of his income today and his retirement for his future. He went from being a pussycat unwilling to confront to a roaring lion determined to set things right. SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFfYTHOUSAND DOLLARS.

The Blind Spot Disease That Affects All Doctors

If you are like most doctors, your office has a smell that you no longer smell. You are so used to it that your nose has gone numb to the constant olfactory stimulation of that particular smell. You know that smell- it's the oneyou notice in someone else's office!

Just like that smell you no longer smell in your own office, your eyes go "blind" to what is staring you in the face! You just don't see it any more, just like you don't smellit.

It is your blind spot.

It is those things of which you are unaware or you have become so used to that you let them get by you.

Don't feel bad -everyone has them.

It is the reason even the top CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have coaches, advisors and boards of directors. Now you can have these too. What this exponential growth  program will do is give you the fresh eyes of me and the entire Exponntial Growt group.

Eyes that will prevent you from being blind to the problems that are staring you in the face that you just don't see... so you don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Eyes that will help you capture the unseen opportunities and underleveraged assets that you didn't know you had.