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Discover Why Your Unwanted Problems Seem Endless And How To Fix Them So You Can Master Your Practice

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Unravel why the problems in your practice seem to never end and what to really do about them.

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Here Are Just Some Of The Topics It'll Take You Through:

  • Why the next silver bullet or the next bright shinny object never solves the real issues.
  • 93% of dentists think this is the problem. Wrong. Inside: the real problem.
  • How to end your overwhelm and frustration.
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    Where the solutions to practice problems really are.
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    The inevitability of personnel problems and how to proactively cure them.
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    How to use the theory of constraints as a thinking model for solving your practice profit issues.
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    Why working harder can never really fix your growth problems.

Learn How To Master Your Practice -
Own Your Practice So It Doesn't Own You