Exponential Growth Mastermind Group - Master Your Practice

For Dentists Who Want to Dramatically Increase Profits Without the Stress and Overwhelm

Would You Like to Spend a Full Day with Me
Personally Working On Your Practice...
For Free?

From the Desk of Charles W “Charley” Martin, DDS
Richmond, Virginia

Dear Colleague,

I am looking for a small “ Dream Team” of dentists I can work with over the next 12 months.

And I am going to get you started for free.

Literally, I am going to spend the entire day with you. Assuming you are the right person, we will be working on your practice absolutely free of charge.

Here’s what we are going to be doing together.

Our specific focus is going to be to deploy a unique and proven system in your practice that will:

  1. Systematically and predictably give you a steady, consistent stream of new patients who want to say yes to your best care.

    (So you need not to worry about competition, commoditization and failed case presentation methods again.)
  2. Increase your revenue per patient… while simultaneously removing the part of your workload that is un-fulfilling and de-energizing.

    (So you can “do less” and dramatically increase your income while reducing stress.)
  3. Positioning you as both “Different” and “Better” than everyone else in your marketplace, effectively making you the premium practice and market leader.

    (So people seek you out and willingly jump through hoops just to get the chance to be your patient… saying yes to your best care and eliminating fee challenges, as you know it.)

Now, I know you might have heard similar practice growth promises before from others in the past. I subscribe to the same journals and newsletters as you do as well get tons of emails and direct mail letters.

So rather than trying to convince you of how we can do all of this, I think it’s best (and easiest) for both of us if…

I’ll let you get started for FREE so you can see for yourself

Here’s what I will do for you if you meet my criteria:

We will spend a full day together in Richmond, Virginia re-inventing your practice and creating a strategic and tactical plan to hit a 10X return on your investment in this program.

(Some doctors have gotten 10X, others at 15X and even some at 20X. One doctor went up 40,000.00 dollars the very next month after the first meeting! Another practice went up a cool 1 million bucks in the first year with us.)

The super good news is that these increases are mostly all profits, not just increases in production.

Here’s how we are going to do that:

We will spend the first day going over:

  • check
    The 1-2-3 simplified system of practice growth that rockets up profits and lets you understand precisely what to do next anytime you get stuck.
  • check
    How to get the right new patients and applying the Yes System for case presentation so they accept your best care. 
  • check
    Operating your practice so it doesn’t drive you crazy and wear you out. This one is the hidden killer of practice hopes and dreams.
  • check
    You’ll discover why practice has been so hard and how to change it forever to make a very different practice that you own instead of it owning you.
  • check
    You’ll learn what is killing your profits and sometimes making you into the grizzly bear nobody wants to be around. And how to solve this problem right away.
  • check
    What is your Stricture Picture? Learn this tool on the first day to give you seemingly mystical powers to find the problem that is holding your practice back right now and what you must do to fix it. Simple and oh, so-o-o effective.
  • check
    What do patients really, really want that virtually no dentist ever gets right?  Learn how to use this power to position your practice at the forefront of all practices right where you live.
  • check
    You’ll find the lost dollars that should be yours. One doctor realized it would mean 750,000 dollars to his practice!
  • check
    Market your practice this way so 80% of the work of getting to yes happens before your patient hits your door. This alone skyrockets your case acceptance and saves you ginormous chunks of time. Plus, this changes your overhead model so you get more net- net-net.
  • check
    You will learn the 27 Cents Method of getting new patients that works wonders and helps you feel great about being a dentist. You can use this everyday as you go about your practice meeting and treating your patients. This method ensures you get the right new patients for your practice as easy as 1-2-3. And it costs less than a postage stamp.
  • check
    You’ll learn the simple (and magical) 7 word phrase that keeps your appointment book full.
  • check
    Do this wrong and you’ll feel worse, even overwhelmed when your practice expands. And, as if it can get worse, you’ll make less money! Get it right and you gain freedom and money to do what you want. Sadly, virtually all dentists screw this up. You will discover what to do so you gain without the pain.
  • check
    You get a spurt of new patients. Great, right?  No, wrong! Unless you do this immediately.
  • check
    Every practice has two things they deliver. Everyone knows the first: deliver great dentistry with a superb patient experience. But without the second one you will be forever bumping your head against a practice ceiling. Do this right, and that ceiling melts away and beckons you up and forward.
  • check
    Blow up the patient education model of case acceptance that doesn’t work and instead, replace it with this! This changes your life as a dentist forever.
  • check
    Virtually all websites commit this one mortal marketing sin. Learn what it is so your website actually works to bring in new patients.
  • check
    What is the single biggest factor in getting a patient to say yes? Learn this to create your Yes Fulcrum that leaves you smiling and patients happy about your getting care.
  • check
    How to get more cash into your practice immediately. This tool comes from the big boys. Dell Computer used the enormous cash gained this way to take the company private. Walmart uses this method to have 65 billion dollars cash on hand. Now you can do this too and banks will love you!
  • check
    The most successful dentists have these traits. You’ll learn these so even an everyday mortal can use them to turn on a new success reality even if it has seemed impossible before.
  • check
    Every patient has a way to buy. Learn precisely how to find out what it is and learn the exact three-question pattern that reveals what is really driving the patient’s decision before you ever present a case.
  • check
    Can you get paid for the lost and wasted time involved in diagnosing and working up patient cases? Yes, you can! I’ll show you how. This alone turns those losses into profits immediately and improves case acceptance to boot!
  • check
    What are the three sure-fire steps to getting where you want to go even if you have been stuck and in doubt for months (or years!)?
  • check
    What does “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” statement mean and how you can leverage it. Hint: it isn’t about working harder!
  • check
    Do you want a strategic practice plan on one page? You’ll get it. This is the tool that the most rapidly growing companies in the world use to scale up.

What Doctors Say About This Program

I had my doubts at first. I wanted more than just another coach who said they could help

“The coaching I’ve received from Charley Martin has been invaluable! The reason I say that is simple…RESULTS. From practice leadership, to case presentation, to marketing and managing business finances, Charley has helped me improve and grow in each of these areas and more. If you are looking for a way to skillfully and efficiently take your practice or business to the next level, then I would highly recommend Dr. Martin”

Dr. Derrick Johnson ... Bentonville, Arkansas

"Working with Dr Martin as your practice coach will transform your practice and your life.”

Dr. Thomas Taylor ... Suffolk, Virginia

I was in trouble. My practice had really plummeted.

“My dental practice in the Detroit area had really plummeted. Some dentists have moved, the others are crying and moaning. I was even considering moving away, but Dr. Martin suggested I stay and gave me some marketing suggestions.

With the information taught to me by Dr. Charles Martin, we have increased our production and collection are up $400,000 over in our first year with him. The staff is happier and I’m breathing a sigh of relief. I look forward to the future knowing it’ll be safe and secure.

If you are a dentist who is passionate about dentistry, and you are looking for a program where other like-minded dentists can help you achieve your goals, this is the program for you. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Dr. Thomas Kachorek ... Clinton Township, MI

I have always been skeptical of the promises that any consultant makes regarding the ideas and knowledge that they possess. I was just as skeptical of Dr Martin’s claims.

" If any of the doctors considering your future course have this same fear, I would tell them that their fear IS ABSOLUTELY UNWARRANTED. Join now and you can be guaranteed that you will have the information which, should you choose, will make the rest of your career more rewarding and enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

It is too bad that Dr. Martin can only have a limited number of doctors in his group because it is full of ideas that would change the entire profession if put to use correctly.

I estimate that this weekend alone will directly add ten million additional dollars to my practice over the remaining course of my practice life. In fact, the additional gross receipts for the next two years will be at least 1 million dollars with no changes in staffing or facility costs. How many other “consultants” can do that in so short a period? "

Dr. James McAnally

We have had other consultants who helped, but …

Dr. Martin’s program has been the missing ingredient in our quest to develop the practice of our dreams. We have worked with many consultants who have worked on our systems and helped. However, Charley not only is a master of systems but actually helped us grow our practice from producing under two million a year to well over three million. The best part is, that both my partner and I expect to grow another million next year!

Dr. Jeffrey Martin ... Buffalo, NY

I didn’t believe it at first.

"Dr. Charles Martin is a phenomenal coach and mentor. His gift is in story telling and how to use it to tell your story to your patients which in turn will enable your patients give you their trust and allow you to treat them in the quality manner they deserve.

I now use Charley's techniques daily in my practice and am doing more implant based prosthetics than ever. God bless you, Charley, for a gift that will always be fruitful in whatever endeavor I choose."

Dr. Gary Ross ... New Mexico

I tend to be skeptical because of my experiences with programs and speakers who say they are one thing and then you find out they are quite another. Many of the speakers we hear today never have had much of a practice, but lecture as if they are a gift to dentistry.

Hello. My name is Dr. Steve Matarrazo. I want to tell you about my experience of being in this Dr. Martin’s mastermind coaching program. It is special.

My big problem before was that my clinical skills had out-run, out-grown my skills and training in marketing, managing and case presentation.

It was very frustrating to know what I was capable of providing, but had such a hard time getting patients to say yes to my best care.

After all, what good is superior training and subsequent skills if you aren’t using them to help patients to excellent care and yourself to a better practice?

...You should know I tend to be skeptical because of my experiences with programs and speakers who say they are one thing and then you find out they are quite another. Many of the speakers we hear today never have had much of a practice, but lecture as if they are a gift to dentistry. But I was always looking for the “real deal” - someone who could do what he preached. I guess I got lucky.

...The encouragement of my fellow members in Charley's program has been real support. How well have Charley and his program worked for me?

I have nearly doubled my monthly production and collections already after being in the program for just five months. Many of my fellow members are experiencing their best months ever.

Make no mistake about it. It has been some work, but it has been so nice to know it is the right work to help me achieve the practice for which I have worked so hard. I smile now when I think about it.

I now have tons of new information and tools to help me get to where I want to go. I would have never had all this new information available to me on my own.

I would have never made the changes in my practice and myself if I tried to do this alone.

The program has been everything he has promised and more. He and his program have my highest recommendation.

Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo, DMD ... Quincy, Massachusetts

It’s a small and exclusive workshop where you are getting the same value as if you paid me $18,000 for a day of one-on-one consulting. (Actually, more value, which I will explain when we talk. It will make so much sense to you then.)

Which leads to the logical question:

Charley, Why Are You Doing This?

The reason I am doing all this is quite simple:

If you’re the right person, you will gain so much value from our day together that you’ll want to participate in a year-long program where I personally work with you to give a return on your investment of 10 to 15 or even 20 times.

If you decide to invest in this program, we will begin work IMMEDIATELY the very next day and you’ll have direct access to me, personally, for a year.

The investment in this yearlong program is $3,500/month.

Attention, Important, Urgent:  Please Do Not Send Me $3,500.

The only possible way we can work together for a year is this: if after our day together, you find that the value I presented to you (for Free) is something that will, without question, help you get what you want.


I can assure you our meeting won’t be a “sales pitch in disguise.”

We will work on your practice and you WILL be getting a customized one page strategic growth plan for your practice, patient attraction system and case presentation system you can use to grow your profits exponentially.

Naturally, we will go over the cool tools and systems you’ll get as part of the program so you know the full breadth and depth of all that you will be getting. You’ll want to know that anyway.

And at the end of the meeting you might decide you want to continue working together. If you do, we can discuss your investing in my 12-month program.

And if you don’t want to?

That’s perfectly okay, too.

In fact, at the end of the workshop, if you feel I wasted your time, I will pay for your airfare (up to $500), pay for your hotel AND pay you $1,500.00 to compensate you for your time.

Now. Ask yourself who else would make such an offer? (The answer is nobody. I checked.)

So obviously, I am confident you’ll be thrilled with the work we do together, whether you officially become a client and part of our group or not.

But There’s a Real “Catch”

And it’s significant.

I won’t extend this offer to just anyone.

In order to come to this workshop on my dime, you must meet my five criteria:

Criteria #1  Are you a dentist committed to excellent care and having an excellent practice organization?

Criteria #2  Are you willing to learn and apply yourself and implement what we teach so you get the results we are so proud of in our clients? This is about action that gets results.

Criteria #3  Is your practice producing one million a year or more right now?  Or do you aspire to produce that much and more?

Criteria #4  Are you presently doing high-end dentistry, including cosmetic and implant care, premium dentures or other high value treatments? 

Criteria #5  Are you coachable and are you willing to market and test?

If you answered “yes” to all five criteria then…

Here’s What to Do Next

You must apply to participate and the group is limited in size.

The program is for a small, exclusive group of entrepreneurial dentists, hand picked by me.

Because I am assuming so much risk with my “I’ll pay your travel, hotel and 1500 dollars if I wasted your time” guarantee, I need to make sure from the get-go we’re a good fit.

Here’s How to Apply

Complete the Exponential Growth Group Mastermind Application where you will provide information about your practice and the specific help you want.

 It also requests three references that we can call to confirm you are the type of dentist we want to work with.

I suggest you let them know we will be calling. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for review.

As soon as you fill it out and submit it, I will personally review it.

If I think we are a potential match and I approve of your application, we will arrange a one on one phone call with me to go over the program and how we work together.

Here is the link >>

Doctors tell me that they get immense value just from this one on one conversation.

If I don’t think we are a match, we will let you know immediately.

And even then, I will have suggestions on what to do next to help you.

If we decide to work together for this yearlong program, our goal for you is to recoup the total investment during your first active month.

If you meet the right criteria, that should be a no-brainer.

But don’t decide now.

Come to the workshop at my risk.

Let’s spend a day working on making your practice into the one you always wanted.

If you see the value of continuing, then we can talk about working together long term.

And if not?

No problem.

Plus, if you think your time was wasted, you will end up with an additional 1,500.00 plus travel and hotel to compensate.

Space Extremely Limited

You can imagine that a lot of doctors want to take me up on this no brainer offer.

I have a good news/bad news situation about the program.

Let’s go over the bad news which isn’t too bad, then we’ll get to the really good news.

As a new applicant, you’re immediately put onto the wait list for this new program — all on a first-come, first-served basis.

That is obviously bad news for some (but kinda good news when you think about it).

Here’s what to do next.

If this appeals to you, you should immediately apply so you are first up on the waiting list.

We will go through the process of application, review and our one-on-one phone call to determine if we are right for each other.

Here’s the good news: as an early applicant for the next Exponential Growth Master Mind Group, you get dibs on attending and you are assured of getting a spot.

I expect to start the new small group for the Exponential Growth Mastermind Group in the Fall of 2018, probably October – November (our earliest opening due to previous engagements).

We will get that date for the new group to you as soon as we have it.

So with all that said, if you feel this is right for you, go here to apply and we’ll talk soon.


Charles W Martin, DDS, MAGD, DABOI/ID, FIADFE, CEEE, Certified Scaling Up Growth Coach
Master Your Practice

P.S. If you decide to join us as a result of the value you receive at the event, that you want to invest in the yearlong program, you’ll join us that night for celebratory cocktails and dinner on me.

And of course, and stay the next day, too. We will start work on implementing everything immediately in steps that you can do and apply and doesn't overwhelm you.

Go here and apply now. As soon as I get your info, we’ll review it and contact you to help make arrangements.