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Have You Fallen Victim to The Danger of the Partial Truth?

What is a partial truth?

It is a statement made as fact that is true some of the time.

Your problem with partial truths is accepting them whole cloth as completely true all the time when they are not.

The big problem is when you accept something that is partially true as completely true at all times and in all places.

That gives you a frame of reference that will misguide you early and often. It can make you a prisoner in a cell of your own creation.

Partial truths are everywhere.

Examples abound.

Here is a popular one: “All you have to do is educate patients to get them to say yes to your best care. ” That is true sometimes, but not very frequently. You do need to give some information in virtually every situation. However, the overall level of case acceptance is abysmally low – around 28% – across the board with all dentists.

If education was the key, those numbers would be higher and a lot more dentists would be rich.

Here is another: “Business is bad”. Other versions include business is just out for the buck. You can’t trust big business. Etc.

Sometimes it is true, but to paint all business with the same color may be more serious to your well-being than you ever imagined.

I have heard some doctors say that if they wanted to be in business (with a disparaging tone and condescension) that they would have chosen another profession.

Well, you are in business and how you do business is a personal choice. You can choose to practice with integrity and for the right reasons. You need sound business principles to survive and thrive. Today, those sound business principles are more needed than ever because of the rise of corporate dentistry and the speed of change throughout our society.