How To Master Your Practice - Master Your Practice

“What have I gotten myself into...?”

My name is Charley Martin and I am a dentist, just like you. I am also a successful business coach and I became one for a very specific reason that you will understand in a few moments.

I live in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia with an unusual name: Midlothian.

When I first started out in practice there were a lot of un-fun moments – often embarrassing. No one laughed at me because I wouldn’t tell them how it was really going. Here I was supposed to be a “successful doctor of dentistry”, yet the dream seemed far away.

I wasn’t very good when I began my practice. I mean I was okay clinically, but running the practice to grow it, make real profit and reach that dream were like learning Hungarian - the most difficult language in the world.

That’s when I began questioning my career choice.

“What have I gotten myself into?!” was the little voice inside my head that rang out multiple times a day. I didn’t like seeing myself this way. I didn’t like feeling this way, either. Not one bit.

I didn’t want to be embarrassed or worried anymore. That’s when I turned to continuing education. And boy, did I do a lot of it. Not only clinical training, but also how to run a practice, how to really master it.

Funny thing I found, well, not so funny really, is that the answers on running and mastering a practice were not to be found inside the profession! That didn’t seem right, and it still doesn’t.

I have always felt that the best and brightest in our noble profession should also have the most successful practices.

I went through a lot of trial and error. I spent a ton of money and a hell’uva lot of time. It is definitely not the road for the meek because it is filled with big promises un-met, wasted dollars and time I will never get back. You can make more money but can’t get back that time.

I kept at it. Eventually, I developed a system for mastering my practice and making the money I wanted, and wife-y insisted I wanted as well!   It helped raise our five children, keep that same wife all these years and actually have that future that I had dreamed about.

I know the trials and tribulations you experience in private practice because I lived them, too.

It can be great but sometimes very un-fun.

The difficult patients and difficult staff and lots of other “difficults” can make our profession more than a little challenging, wouldn’t you agree?

In my book, I serve up a treasure trove of guides, lessons learned the hard way and wise counsel I wish I had way back when.

The book is written in easy to digest segments that take 5-10 minutes to read, unlike typical chapters. In fact, it is very un-typical as a book. When I shared it with friends and clients, they raved.

It has segments on marketing, getting patients to say yes, and making more money. It gives guidance on strategy, execution and your mindset.  It helps guide leadership decisions and gives direction on managing team.

I have written it for you, the doctor in private practice, dealing with dozens of issues that come up every day.

And there’s more. Here is a fraction of what you’ll learn:

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    What is the Stupid Tax and how do you avoid paying it?   Page xxiii
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    What is the number one thing that engages your team members to perform at a high level? The answer isn’t more money or more time off.   Page 6
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    What is the most persuasive tool you have, that goes through all filters and can’t be ignored?   Page 14
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    What makes your work harder than it should be when you grow your practice? Success breeds this…unless you do this.  Page 19
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    What stops progress and gives people an excuse why they can’t get better? And what do you do about it?  Page 51
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    What are the seven marketing lessons of the Roman Coliseum and how do they apply to your practice?   Page 68
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    The Perry McPhee rule: what must you do to have a chance to get a patient to say yes to your best care?  Page 91
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    What is the 20-20 rule (that has nothing to do with how well you see) and gives you an edge every day that you use it?    Page 125
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    What are the five smart principles of turning the right risk into reward and rocket you upward?  Page 162
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    How to charge more and have your patients love it.   Page 170

And so much more.

I am 100% sure that you’ll love it. In fact, I am so confident, you might think I am nuts.

Here’s why.

If you don’t love the book, let me know. I will give back all your money and you can still keep the whole thing anyway. You don’t have to send something back, either.

So, the worst-case scenario is you get a free book.

The best case scenario is, you learn secrets to Master Your Practice and have patients demanding you be their dentist.

If that sounds good to you, go here and get the book.

I guarantee you’ll love it.