How We Are Different and Why It Matters - Master Your Practice

How We Are Different and Why It Matters

Our Motto: Cause Over Practice.

Master Your Practice was a name chosen with deliberation.

It reflects our intention to help you become Cause Over Practice.  

The painful reality is that far too many dentists become the opposite of being cause over their practices!

They became slaves to them.

True, this slavery may not be the bound and chained variety, but it commands and relentlessly demands your seemingly endless efforts.

It forces obsessive attention and 18-hour days that yanks the life and joy of living right out from under you.

We help you own your practice instead of it owning you.

We help you become Cause Over Practice

The Liability of Professional Practice

You have some very real disadvantages as a professional practitioner that regular businesses do not have.

The big disadvantage is your time. It is hard to be two places at the once.

Okay, it is more than hard. It’s impossible.

If you are treating patients, you can’t be overseeing the operations of your practice.

If you are working on your practice, you just lost your main economic engine – you.

An unhappy condition because you are smart enough to know you need to have a practice organization that works as well.

This creates a constant tension that can exhaust you.

And going it alone came be overwhelming without guidance and direction.

We help you fix that.

No, we aren’t cloning you and we aren’t asking you to be super-human.

The good news is that you are so capable of becoming not just passable at leading your practice and growing it, but a Master of It.

Cause Over Practice.

How Do We know You Are So Capable?

It is simple really. You ran the gauntlet to go through undergrad and specialty school and then get your professional designation. A hard trek that leaves most of those who attempt it wounded and in full retreat.

You have to be intelligent, hard-working and talented to make it through.

So, we know you have the capacity.

And we know you have good intentions. It is not your fault that running your practice has been so hard. You were never really taught how!

What should have happened when you graduated was a complete program that taught you all the pieces and parts of running your practice, so you could succeed.

That doesn’t happen.

And it used to be okay to come out into practice and go through trial and error to find your way.

Not anymore.

You can no longer afford to fumble around trying to find your way because it is simply too expensive, wasting your time and money.

Times are different now. The culture has changed. Competition has revved to levels never before seen.  And that competition is only going to increase as more dentists graduate and fewer retire.

The situation will only worsen with the pressures of practice pulsing higher and higher from competitive forces.  

“The American Dental Association's Health Policy Institute predicts that the number of dentists per capita will increase through 2035 as new dental schools continue to be built, despite data showing that 34% of general dentists and 31% of specialists are not busy enough.

Among general dentists, 40% of solo practitioners described themselves as not busy enough. “

Our experience is that these numbers under-estimate the “not busy enough” factor with seeing patients.

“Meanwhile, as the number of dental providers has increased, total dental spending per capita in the United States has been flat since 2008." 

(Source: Christopher A. Roberts:  The Case for Dental Support Organizations in American Journal of Clinical Orthodontics and Dental Orthopedics Feb 2017 Volume 151 Issue 2)

The landscape of private practice will never be the same as it once was.

The new reality is that you must adapt or slowly succumb to the rising tides of change.

We help you adapt and win.  

The Hard Work Myth?

The successful mantra of hard work that got you through undergrad and dental school and even post-graduate school is no longer enough.

Hard work has been your part of your success formula

It has been your solution for creating a successful life and helped get you where you are. All good.

Whenever you have had a problem, you pull out “the old reliable” -hard work- to overcome the latest problem or overcome the new challenge.

Hard work works … until it doesn’t.

And then, when it isn’t enough, you turn on the hard work after-burners reasoning that this problem or challenge was just more difficult, requiring a special level of hard work.

After- burners use fuel like crazy. Engines can’t go on like that because the fuel is exhausted quickly.

When you turn on your after-burners, you are using you – all parts of you: mental, physical, emotional and more. And your “you” fuel runs out. You run out of you. There is no more.

This is when your life really gets out of whack.  Something has to give, and it becomes a matter of when.  Health declines.  Marriage withers.   Kids miss their parent. Money just isn’t there. Alcohol and drugs are abused. Perhaps you have seen it in others or it strikes close to home?

So, is hard work wrong?


Endless hard work is.

And practice becomes endless hard work unless a very different approach is taken.

But by no means is hard work wrong as a concept.

Hard work helped you get where you are.

The problem is that hard work alone won’t get you to where you want to go.

What got you here, won’t get you there.

So beyond hard work, which is a given, what will get you there?

The answer is the right hard work.

Here the right hard work means the right mindset, the right tools, the right timing, the right knowledge, the right ways of doing things as you grow your practice.

It means understanding the roles you play and the jobs you do change as you grow your practice.

Getting the guidance to the right hard work - done right in the right sequence, will get you there.

Let me assure you the right hard work done right at the right time is easier, faster and actually works without exhausting you. It is relieving.

The contusion of confusion about what to do and when to do it disappears.

Moreover, when done very well, it requires less and less of you doing and more of you thinking.

We Treat Causes, Not Symptoms

The real problems are sometimes masked as symptoms.

How do you know if you’re treating a symptom rather than the cause?

The problem does not fully resolve or if improved, then it doesn’t stay that way. It comes back.

Here is an easy example. When asked, 93% of dentists will say that their number one problem is new patients.

Yet, for all the offers, and programs out in “dental land” to fix the new patients issue, how many times does it stay fixed?

Evidently, not very often.

Logic dictates this conclusion because that 93% of dentists who say their number on problem is having enough new patients has been saying that for 20 years plus!

You know if you treat a symptom in your practice, it many give temporary relief. But is just temporary.

To really solve any issue, you must get to its cause.

We help you treat your causes, so your problems stay solved. 

So How Do We Do That?

The tools and methods we use did not come from inside dentistry.

We went outside the field because the incestuous circle of consultants inside the profession, each mimicking the words of the other dental consultants has not been the answer.

We studied business at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business and a host of other non-dental institutes, including Scaling Up Coaching.  

In fact, no other dentist in the world has the designations and training that Dr Martin as a coach for professional practices.

The material is unique, the approaches are unique, and our results show it. (Brief moment of brag… okay, now over.)

We break the practice of dentistry into its seven component parts, of which clinical care is but one.

Generally, clinical care is NOT the problem in practice, but the six other spheres of practice very much are.

We first diagnose your “right now” problem and handle it while getting into place your practice strategy and the systems of operating your practice so it doesn’t wear you out, frustrate you and worse.

We give you new tools and new ways of thinking that have proven themselves to work all over the world.

The results: growth, more profit, and the freedom to choose a life and practice of your choice 

Cause over Practice

So, what are the outcomes we provide?

We Call it The Master Your Practice System:

1. New Patient Glory – Many New Patient Channels Inside and Outside Your Practice Starting with No Cost and Low-Cost Acquisition. Getting this part right is critical to getting the patients you want.

2. Your Yes System Installed - Patients Saying Yes to Your Best Offerings. This system of Dr and team helps you get more yes’es and enjoy the process.

3. Cash and More Cash– Rock Steady Making Money. Money needs to be controlled to be enjoyed. You will learn how to think with money, stop the money leaks in practice and build a financial fortress.

4.  Difficulties and Emergencies Handled – Help for the urgent, big problems you face right now so you can emerge stronger and smarter and ready for the future you want

5. Your Future Mapped - Begin with The End You Want in Mind. If you don’t know where you want to go, it will be mighty hard to get there. We’ll help you decide and move forward.

6. GPS Starting Place – Where You Are Now with What’s Working and What’s Not. Let’s know your starting point and look for the requirements for getting where you want to go.

7. Your 1 Page Plan You Can Do and The End of Not Knowing What to Do How We Get You to Your Desired Future. This plan, on one page summarizes your practice heart, soul and goals. It guides. It inspires. It helps keep you on track, so you pay attention to what really matters and drop the rest.      Your New Practice Operating System Unlike Anything in Dentistry Installed.  Here is the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual operational system of what to do and when to do it aligned with your 1-page strategic plan

We Help You Create a Different Kind of Practice with a Steady, Consistent, Predictable Flow of New Patients Who Want to Say Yes to Your Best Care So You Make More Money Without the Frustration and Overwhelm. 

Cause Over Practice