Lifelong Orthodontics Brand - Master Your Practice

Lifelong Orthodontics Brand Gives
You the Differentiation That Has Been
Missing For Too Long

Doctor, years ago when you were flush with new patients, the idea of differentiation from other practices didn’t really matter.

After all, why “rock the boat” when it is steady as she goes? There were plenty of patients for all.

But now, it is an entirely different world out there. Competition for patients has increased to levels heretofore unknown.

General dentists are performing their version of orthodontics in their offices.

By survey and industry information, the average reduction in referred patients is 50%!

Younger orthodontists have come into the marketplace and geared up to market.

You are now having problems getting enough new patients because of what was omitted before.

You can no longer afford to stay quiet and “professional.”

The truth is that you have always been a bit of a rebel who has gone against the grain by adopting a whole mouth, bite centric approach that is more than just straight teeth.

You took a risk because you saw a better way.

You have opted to practice in the way that most other orthodontists do not, cannot or refuse. Many are unwilling to even look.

You decided to take your practice to higher levels and then never told the general public what you were really doing.   

Sure, some of you did tell your patients how you were different but seldom in terms that they understood well enough to tell others. So they didn’t.

 The news of your higher level of care has largely remained hidden from the public eye.




The public still thinks all orthodontists are about the same. We know because we surveyed them.

Now industry is going to direct to patients and DSOs have joined the game of orthodontics. They just love the “no difference” because it helps them treat more patients and fill their pockets. 

Meanwhile, unknowing patients are cheated out of the higher levels of care that you can deliver.

Your practice is cheated out of all the success that should be yours.

You earned the right and then failed to communicate it.

You have a superior service but you are falling behind those who market better than you do.

Knowing what you know now, should you have differentiated better?

A brand in its essence is how you are different from your competitors.

To the public, they have two un-spoken questions that are always there:

  1. How are you different?
  2. Why should I care?

If you can’t answer those two questions and do it ways that people understand and appreciate and value, you become a commodity. Orthodontics is falling into this trap.

Now many of you have practically given up and moved away from practicing at this level because of your perception that it is just too hard. And it has been hard.

And it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Isn’t it time to tell the truth?

Isn’t it time to stop being so “ professional” that you have hurt the public and your own practice based on someone else’s ideas of how you should market and differentiate yourselves?

If you said yes, we think you are going to love what we are doing.

We have created a brand you can call your own. And it’s not one that just anyone can have. They have to pass the test of practicing at this higher level.

What Does This Brand Do For You

It communicates what you do and why it is different and why it matters.

It provides tools of communication you can use in your practice to engage patients so they can rapidly and clearly understand what you do that ordinary orthodontist do not.

It gives you the advantage that you should have had all along.

Moreover, it protects patients from unknowingly make a choice they may later regret.

This level of care could fade out unless something is done to encourage young orthodontists that it is worth the effort to practice this way.

It would be a shame for this type of care to fade into oblivion simply because you couldn’t market it well enough that the public understands and younger orthodontists join your noble cause of orthodontics as healthcare.

So here is your chance to join us.

Here is your chance to have a brand that reflects your higher level of care.

Here is your chance to grab the advantage that should have been yours all along.

What is included in the branding package?

  • Lifelong Patient Reports – customized to you – three presently, more to come with follow up system to put patients into your chair. If you attempted to do these for yourself at this level of quality you could pay 5000 to 7500 each. These can be used inside your office as patient marketing communication and on your website as downloads with lead capture so your team can follow up – we’ll teach you how to use these to capture new patients.

  • Membership as a Lifelong Orthodontics Method practitioner.

  • Logo and tagline for your use on your website and in printed materials.

  • 2 min animated video for your use in your office and on your web site – in production.

  • Brand story and Brand phrases

  • National web site that further explains how you are different and why it matters. It will list your practice as a member

  • Certificate for your reception area

  • Updates and additions they are created

  • SEO connections among members – this alone can have a big difference in your website position online

  • Automated Review system for your offices – similar systems costs up to 300 per month

  • Training for you and your team on how to use these unique branding materials unlike anything else in orthodontics made specifically for your kind of orthodontics