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Mind Clutter and Your Overwhelm

Mind Clutter – This is the garbage that fills your head to the point of distraction because of all the things you have on your mind. Mind Clutter includes the little projects you have been meaning to get to, the incomplete thoughts you fear to dump and fear of missing out on the latest “opportunity.” Mind Clutter literally freezes up your ability to think clearly. If you have ever found yourself saying, “I can’t even think right now,” the chances are you are suffering from this unhealthy mind condition. It confuses you; thwarts and cripples your progress. Mind Clutter indicates that you are ripe for overwhelm, if not suffering from it right now. Too many things on your mind stops your progress and makes you feel stuck. So how do you get out of this state of “discomfort?” Attend my free Master Class by going here [link] Then get my book, How to Master Your Practice, by going here [link]