Orthodontic Manifesto - Master Your Practice

If Low New Patient Numbers Are Killing Your Production ...

If a Patient Can’t Tell the Difference Between Your Practice and Your Competitors...

If Your Practice Is Overwhelming And Frustrating And Wearing You Out...

You'll Want To Read Every Word Of This Special Report Written For Orthodontists!

If you have ever said: "Practice wasn't supposed to be this hard."

If your practice growth has nosedived or you are bleeding profits...

If you have ever blamed yourself for not having the practice you wanted.

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In This White Paper For Orthodontists You Will Discover:

  • What are the two things you deliver as an orthodontist? One is obviously orthodontic care. What is the vital other one and why this cannot be ignored anymore?
  • Is this really true that if you do less you'll make more?
  • How the partial truth can ruin your thinking and your practice. Really.
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    Why the next silver bullet or the next bright shinny object never solved the real issues.
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    How to end your overwhelm and frustration.
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    Where the solutions to practice problems really are.
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    The inevitability of personnel problems and how to proactively cure them.
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    How to use the theory of constraints as a thinking model for solving your practice profit issues.
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     Corporate dentistry: friend or foe? How to make this new trend a catalyst for your benefit no matter what happens.
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    Why working harder can never really fix your growth problems.

How To Master Your Orthodontic Practice: The Orthodontic Practice Manifesto