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If You Feel Overwhelmed and Frustrated with Your Practice…

If You Have Ever Said “ Practice Wasn’t Supposed to Be This Hard”…

If You Have Ever Blamed Yourself Up for Not Having The Practice You Want…

By Dr Charles Martin,

The Breakthrough That Gives You
The Practice You Want

The diagram on the front page tells a big story of why you are overwhelmed, frustrated and tired. Look it over. Then read the words here so it all makes sense.

Are You Sprinting to the West
Looking for the Sunrise?

Here I will unravel the mystery of why practice is so hard, too hard.

Why it is overwhelming.

Why it frustrates you.

Why the harder you work to be successful, the worse you feel.

This is hard won knowledge borne of my extensive experience and training both as a practitioner and business coach. 

And this knowledge can mean all the difference for you no matter where you are in practice.

Whether you are a grizzled veteran or you are a young doctor who is searching for what to do and how to do it in your quest to have a successful practice.

This isn’t about inching your practice forward – that is the track of bits and pieces improvement that virtually all doctors use to run their practices. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, the next bright and shiny object, the silver bullet solution are all pretty much the same – lots of hype, hope and ultimately, disappointment.

And the reason is that these solutions are the wrong answers because what they do to you, your results and your profits.

The reality is that the overwhelm you feel, your frustrations and even your self-doubt all stem from a single source and your apparent problems are but symptoms of the real problem. 

Once you get to the real problem, so much of the angst, anxiety and sense of overwhelm falls away because the right problem has been named.

Your problem mis-labeled will never solve and you will continue to feel embattled, often bitter and sometimes blame yourself as the problem!

Good news: You are Not the Problem. You have good intentions. Look how far you have gotten. You have worked hard. It is not you.

So what is the real problem? Virtually all practices are run with bits and pieces acquired here and there as parts. You bought these whiz-bang opportunities in the form of equipment, clinical courses, new material, and new technology as solutions to your symptoms. The real problem has never been identified, so naturally the real problem has never solved.  

You have sought these silver bullet answers and bright shiny objects because that is what everyone else in the profession has done.

You did not know what else to do. It is the tradition. But just because it has been tradition does not mean it is wise - it is anything but wise.

Here’s a concept that few dentists and orthodontists understand: You have to two things you deliver: excellence in dental care and the practice organization that delivers it based on strategic design with a viable practice operating system.

Sure, I have seen some doctors try to build and create their organizations but again done as bits and pieces in a reactive mode to symptoms masquerading as problems. You may have tried to somehow stick a piece here, add a component there, hoping it will all fit together.

How is that working out for you?

How else should it be done? Short answer: by strategic design with a workable practice operating system designed as a coherent whole that consistently moves your practice forward.

The Left Over Screw

When my oldest daughter was just a wee tyke, I had the personal joy of putting a bike together one Christmas Eve night. Like many men, I didn’t need the directions. No, that would just slow me down. No time for that.

I unboxed the red bicycle frame and its associated parts and went merrily on my way, sipping the good eggnog and listening to Christmas music.

Then I got to the end.

 That’s when I noticed a left over screw, and some other parts. “Where in the heck was all that supposed to go?” I thought to myself.

 Internal curse words bounced inside my cranium.

 The wife-y gave me that look that only she could make with its mix of “I told you so, that was just stupid and now you have to fix it.”  Then a second look of sympathy that bespoke forgiveness of my maleness.

 I gave a deep internal sigh and admission of defeat for not using the directions. So, I took it apart while muttering under my breath.

I am happy to report that the bike did get assembled after I read the directions and it all made sense. My little girl, Brooke, happily rode her new bike the next morning.

I had the directions from the beginning. I simply chose to ignore them. Big mistake. I paid in lost pride, lost sleep and the quiet, but oh so effective “response” of my wife. 

The good news was that I fixed it. I found the directions and put it together properly. I had the right directions and that made all the difference.

How does this story apply to you and your practice right now? Read on…

Your Missing Directions

You spent 4 years in dental school learning the directions for creating dental care for your patients. You probably spent many more years learning the directions how to deliver excellence in dental care since then.

The directions to creating the second product of your work: your practice organization, were never given to you. They should have been. They weren’t.

You have been saddled with having to create those missing directions on your own without training, without knowing guidance or an experienced hand to show you the way.

You have had to cope with a practice design that has been a hodge-podge of pieces and parts that never really fit together.

You have been paying for it ever since in lost dollars, lost time and lost peace of mind.

Not knowing better, the chances are you created a design that has you in the middle of everything.

Does that graphic on the front make more sense now as to why you feel overwhelmed for so much of the time? 

You, unknowingly, placed yourself in the path of virtually every task, job, process and decision that must be made in your practice.

You didn’t hire people based on a sound design because you didn’t have one.

You didn’t hire people so the practice as a business could thrive.

Instead, you hired people to help you cope with all the flows of the practice hitting you – more things hitting you at faster and faster speeds as the practice tried to grow.

The faster the practice goes, the more you have to do, the harder it becomes for you, the more mistakes are made and the more you feel overwhelmed.

Frustrated by your effort that hasn’t yielded the fruits of your labor. 

For too many, they are paying for their life’s work with their lives.

Isn’t it time to put more joy of living back into your life?

If you said yes, even just a little bit, go here to attend to free Master Class then go here to get my book, How to Master Your Practice for free​.

How do dental practices go wrong?

You had to work very hard to get through college and dental school. Then you had the joy of taking a two to three day examination to pass the test to determine if you would get your license to practice. Grueling mentally, so much of you life hinged on passing that exam.

Whether you have been in practice for decades or just a few years, the memory of that time has been impressed on your psyche.

Happily, you got that license.

It was the stamp of state approval that you could practice the art and science of dentistry.

 It was the supposed golden ticket to a life you envisioned.

License or Leg Iron

Unlike other businesses, you had to have that professional license that added the title doctor.

With it you gained two significant advantages.

Limited Competition

First, there are only so many dentists allowed by design of the number of dental schools and their number of students at the state level. This means your competition has been and will be more limited than other businesses where a professional license is not required.

That is changing too because now for profit schools are popping up in several states so this advantage is becoming less and less. Still competition is relatively limited.

High Average Transaction Size

Second, your average transaction size compared to other businesses is very high. Most of the time the revenues on the first transaction are net positive.  Over the course of the first three years, the aggregate spending per average dental patient gained and retained is between 4000 – 5000 dollars. There is great variation here among dentists on this number. Few dentists even track average expenditure per year because they did not know its implications.

Most other businesses will spend more to get the customer than they earn back on their first transaction because they know that the second and third and further transactions bring in the profits. They work to acquire a customer on the first transaction, not make a sale.  Generally, dentists do not do this.


Unlike other businesses, you are the main production unit of your business. You are the “main machine” in delivering the care. If you are not working, your revenue slows to a trickle or stops. Yes, if you have a hygienist or hygienists, that income can continue in some states when you are not working, but it is never enough to handle the overhead and bring in net profit. YOU are the requirement. You days of work and time spent at the chair are key components of productivity and profits.

Businesses that do not require a difficult to acquire license are not saddled with “the you problem.” Others can do the work. The entrepreneurial owner can supervise, guide and direct without the worry of doing the work itself.  This means he can observe directly, plan and correct as needed. The running of the business can be easier.

You do not have this advantage. You cannot directly observe what is going on while you are at

the chair. You do not have the time to personally do what other smart business owners can.

Too many dentists treat this liability as a leg iron that limits their freedom and growth. It does not have to.

The key is to leverage your disadvantages into advantages and optimize your existing advantages. That simply does not happen haphazardly or by chance.

It requires forethought and planning. It requires balancing out the different components of your work by strategic thinking and execution planning.

And since it has been done already, you don’t have to blaze the path.  Don’t worry we can help.

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Does This Describe You?

You may struggle with how to grow your practice, make the money you want and reach your professional potential. You want to have a successful practice and take care of your family and live a life that matters and make a good living and have a life worth living.

And these can seem to be in constant conflict, calling for your time and attention, causing you to have anxiety, frustration and feeling like you are losing in some area of your life no matter how hard you try.

You may have thought, “It wasn’t supposed to be this hard.”

Practice used to be tough but now it is even tougher as demands are greater. And practice pressures are pulsing higher and will continue to do so. You may be feeling them right now.

It seems there is just too much to do and too little time. Important things are falling through the cracks and whenever you turn to handle a problem, yet another raises its ugly head, jerking you around, leaving you yearning for a different time or even another profession.

These conflicting “pulls” on you affect not just you and how you feel, but your spouse, your children, your team and your patients because you are such an important part of their lives.

You are a leader to many people whether you realize it or not. 

When you win, they win, too. But when you lose, what do you think happens to them?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You are smart. You are capable of far more. You know you ought to be doing better.

But it may feel that time is running out or you have tried to fix all this before and it hasn’t worked. Yet, you know you have a deep well of untapped potential.

You don’t want to just survive and somehow get through it all. Life is meant to be more than that.

You want to thrive. You want to make meaningful progress towards making a difference that matters.

I understand how hard it can be. I have faced the same challenges you are facing today including the overwhelming demands of a family and a career that doesn’t seem to leave much time for anything else.

Even with these obstacles, I figured out how to experience extraordinary success both professionally and personally. As a highly accomplished dental practitioner, author of six books, and mentor to dentists and general business CEOs I have consistently coached doctors and executives like you to higher levels of achievement.

The truth is it is not your fault that you have tried and not yet reached the practice success you want. Your intentions have been in the right place. You have tried to use bits and pieces, some of this and some of that, the ballyhooed silver bullet, the “this will fix everything opportunity. ” They haven't worked. They can’t.

They are but symptoms of a larger, deeper root cause – lack of a strategically designed practice and its execution using sound business principles that gives you a practice you once dreamed of having. 

The old process of practice is broken.

 It is not you. Your intentions to succeed have been good

What you need is a new way.  I have leveraged all my training, experience and research to create a step-by-step blueprint that gives you a proven system to accomplishing your most important goals of practice and life.

It is called The Master Your Practice System.

If you want to go from stuck and stressed to clear and in control, to feeling proud and powerful, to having a proven path of accomplishing what really matters, then this program designed to elevate your practice like nothing else in our proud field.

It is a unique system designed from the ground up with you in mind. The Master Your Practice System can transform how you think about and operate your practice for dental practice success forever.

It moves you from dental opportunity seeker of the silver bullet, bits and pieces and bright, shiny objects to the dental strategist and entrepreneurial operator that owns the practice instead of the practice owning you.

Isn't that what you want?

Doctors who have not designed their practices strategically don’t hire for the positions their practice needs as a business because they don’t really know what their practice as a business needs.

This leaves the doctor with hiring for his needs. The irony is that every person he brings on the doctor further cements his position into place.

Very few doctors ever really fully consider and think through each required element of their practice and how they should best operate it to give them more life and more freedom while simultaneously giving his patients and his team what they crave.

It is sad really. Tragic, in fact. You will live much, if not most of your waking hours in that practice. You will invest more of your resources and time in your practice than anything else. Your success and dreams hinge upon it. 

 Still few think through all the approaches and designing their practice so that can give it the best chance for success. What I mean here is to step away from your practice and look at it objectively. I can show you how to do just that.

Most Drs. struggle with how to grow their practices, make the money they want and live a life worth living.

We have a plan that supplies the elusive missing directions so practices thrive, make more profits and Drs feel they have their lives back.

You know you have a moral and professional obligation to treat patients well and make a good living and take care of your family and live a good, moral life worth living.

These can seem to be a never-ending conflict. It can seem unresolvable.

The reality is that with the right system of thinking, tools and action these actually align!

They end supporting each other.

But it is harder than ever to win the game of successful, fulfilling dental practice if you simply play by “the rules” created by insurance companies, practice by the “standards” created by the average and mostly, unsuccessful and listen to the unknowing, wanna-be practice consultants who have never picked up a handpiece in their lives.

Few people really understand all the physical, emotional and financial pressures that we have experienced.

I know exactly how you feel because I have lived a dental life just like you.

What to do next:

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