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Yes! I want to receive a free copy of Charley’s book, How to Master Your Practice and Profit Creation Tool Kit. I want this simple guide to getting new patients, getting them to say yes and making the money I deserve without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Charley’s Book and Profit Creation Tool Kit will show you…

  • How to develop a consistent flow of new patients that you want
  • How to get patients to say yes to your best care
  • Beat the broken model of practice and make more money
  • How to operate your practice that allows you to live your dream lifestyle
  • Why most doctors are sprinting to the west looking for the sunrise.
  • What are the two deliverables that every practice owner must deliver? One is obviously the clinical care. What is the other one?
  • Why do virtually all practice leadership systems fail to reduce your work and make you feel overwhelmed?
  • What is the one thing you should have been given when you graduated from dental school that has vexed and tormented you ever since because it wasn’t?  How can you recover it and gain the unfair advantage?
  • Why does the “I will just work harder” method fail you and what you should do instead.
  • What are the three leadership lenses and where do most Drs. fail with them? How does corporate dentistry and DSO use them? What is the glaring weakness for the DSO?
  • What is the primary number one reason that problems don’t solve? How can you use the universal principle to know you are on the right track?
  • How can the Theory of Constraints and your Stricture Picture be used to efficiently get the best bang for your buck when working on practice improvement? What problem should be solved first to get the practice growing and making more profits?
  • What is the one key ingredient to turning unwanted problems into springboards for winning?
  • What is the one key principle you need to grow your practice and your profits and live life on your terms?
  • What is mind clutter and how do you get rid of it forever?
  • Why does your practice feel “ less fun” the busier you get and what must you change to enjoy it and make more money?
  • What is the most limiting factor in your practice? The answer will surprise and give you a great lever to change it.
  • What is the span of control and how can you increase it comfortably  and decrease your time needed to get the work done?
  • What jobs in your practice should you absolutely stop doing and which ones should you do more?
  • Why is the old model of practice management now obsolete? You need to know this so you don’t make the mistakes so may doctors do.
  • What is meant by the Power of the Positive Problem and how can you leverage this thinking to make your life better today.
  • What causes a problem of unsolvable magnitude and how can you fix it?
  • What is an eventuality reality and what must you do in advance to pre-solve it?
  • What is meant by wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger? Have you silently resigned yourself to this unwanted condition? How to change that right away!
  • How to win in practice no matter what you do with a DSO or corporate dentistry.

You Are Smart. You Know You Are Capable of Far More. You Know You Ought to Be Doing Better.

Get How to Master Your Practice book and Profit Creation Tool Kit and Join These Doctors

This is a must read for anyone looking to hit the reset button in their business and create harmony between work and home life!

Elizabeth Bogan ... Denver. CO

My experience with Dr. Martin is that he has the knowledge and systems in place to help anyone’s practice grow. He is one of the best in the industry.

Mark Elwell ... San Diego, California

How to Master Your Practice is a must read for anyone attempting to survive and thrive in this ever-changing environment of dentistry.

There are many consultants out there with information regarding practice management. Dr. Charles Martin’s work has a distinctive advantage over those. The fact that he is a highly successful, practicing restorative dentist means he is living through the same challenges we are all facing.

He is a master teacher of dentistry and business. He understands the business challenges of dentistry and knows how to deal with them. His book is easy to read and understand. Most importantly, it will give you the tools you need to put your practice back on the path you want and deserve.

Dr. Carl Roy ... Va. Beach, Virginia

An informative, quick read. It encourages and reinforces your entrepreneurial spirit. A must read for anyone wanting to get a leg up on the competition. It truly has assisted me increase the efficiency and productivity of my practice. Dr Martin shows you how to leverage the small and easily done into big dividends.

Dr L Douglas Knight ... Orthodontist Louisville, KY

Wow! The jewels in How to Master Your Practice not only reveal real truths of practice but also give you actionable ideas you can put to work. It is one very power packed book. It is so good I will read it again. It’s great for the advanced, experienced doctor to shed new light on problems and how to solve them. Moreover, for the younger doctor this really sets them on the right path.

If you want to continue to thrive, this book is a must-have for you and your team!

Dr Straty Righellis ... Oakland, CA

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