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Predictable Problems

Some problems have an amazing predictability. You know they are coming, You might not want them to come. You probably don’t prepare for them to come. Yet, they are “a ‘coming” whether you like it or not.

These predictable problems occur in every facet of your practice: strategy, people, cash, marketing, execution, practice operating system, training and more. You get the picture.

One particular predictable problem largely ignored despite its persistence is losing team members.

Why are doctors so ill prepared for the inevitable problem of people in their practices?

My experience has taught me that they do not have a people strategy for their practices.

Does that describe you?

Do you have a system that accomplishes your people strategy systematically and consistently?

No matter how much you wish and hope “the good ones” stay, they will eventually leave. That can be really painful.

Still, you have to prepare for eventualities. If you don’t, it will cost you dearly. Perhaps you have experienced this?

Then there are those team members that you should let go but you do not because you don’t want to face the anguish of the whole recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training the next person that you hope is good.

Haven’t you found hope is not enough?

Go through 2, 3, or 4 busts in hiring a key position in your practice and it costs you dearly in dollars and team morale.

How much does it cost you?

The numbers are quite large because you have to figure in not only the actual costs of recruiting, getting enough people to apply, sorting through applicants with your standard hiring mechanism, then hiring, onboarding and training to be productive while you are paying them a full wage. Most doctors never fully account for these typically unseen costs.

But these are only part of the costs of new personnel. There is the lost productivity. Think of the opportunity costs that come in the form of the work done at less than optimal levels. It can be just plain ugly.

When it happens over and over, the size of lost income sets in the six-figure territory. Yes, my eyebrows did a dipsy-doodle on that one, too.

When I first heard that, I didn’t believe it. You may not either. Now I have done the math for others and myself so I am a believer based on math.

It is a number you do not want to contemplate. But you must because the costs of not contemplating it dwarf the costs of facing it.

Most hiring mechanisms I have seen in doctors’ offices are but loosely organized at best. Most of your new hires are successful only a third of the time. And that is when your system is above average!

How would you rate your system?

Has a key position in your practice not be filled properly for months or “gulp” years?

All it takes is a series of mis-hires and you are screwed.

How much is that costing you?

Maybe a more glaring issue that goes unrecognized and un-confronted: the fear of losing that one person in your practice that has risen to the point you can’t do without her or him.

Lookout. One is a dangerous number

Now you have potentially big trouble for three reasons:

  1. The person probably knows that she or he have become the only one and could make demands for pay and privilege beyond what is fair to you. (I see this all the time and it tells me tons.)
  2. Your fear of losing this special “only one” prevents you from really running your practice based on business values where people are held accountable for performance and for living and inspiring the practice values in others.
  3. This special “only one” is the one quite likely to believe you can’t do without her and sometimes uses this “reason” as one of her justifications for taking what belongs to you. Read embezzlement. Theft of time, materials and more.

Ask me why I know! I have lived this and seen it over and over.

Now do not panic if you have this situation. But do get help. Naturally there are signs that an “only one” person on your team is finagling to stop you and others from fixing this risky situation.

Why does the “only one” problem come about in the first place?

It comes about because of the predictable problem of handling people fully in your practice has never been resolved.

You have not used a strategically designed system that keeps you in charge without you doing all the work.

Predictable problems come in virtually every area of your practice.

Have you considered how to get ahead of them?

After all, when you do get ahead of the predictable problems you make more money, your patients are happier, your team is happier and you banish the frustration and overwhelm that have plagued you for far too long. Aren’t you ready for some help?

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