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Productivity of Your Practice

Every task has a series of steps you do to accomplish it.

Every job has a series of tasks you do to complete the job.

Your organization has a series of processes designed to get the work of your group done.

Whether it is a task you are doing as an individual or your group is doing by some process, the flow of the work can be examined by comparing it to the flow through a channel.

Where the channel is wide, the total flow is larger. Where the channel narrows, the flow slows.

According to the theory of constraints first popularized by Eliyahu Goldratt, the way to improve productivity is to work on the flow most constrained.

Fix that constraint and productivity improves. Find the next most constrained and fix that one. And so on and in that order. The order of constraint removal matters.

Here is the key question for you: where in your practice is the flow most constrained?

Have you heard of the term bottleneck?

That is what you become when the practice has been designed around you; all the actions that fill the bottle come through you in some form or another.

You became the major constraint. You simply did not know any other way.

Now remember, this wasn’t done out of self-sabotage, although it does that, too.

This was done because the strategic design for your practice was missing. This was done because the practice operating system that takes the monkey off your back has never been put in place.

This is why you feel overwhelmed and frustrated and tired.

When you are the center of all activity, the speed of your practice is governed by your speed. That may not sound so bad after all you are a virtual lock as the most capable person in your practice.

But wait a minute. What else does this do?

When you set astride the top of your organization your ability, time available and skill sets limit the flow of people, money and your work. The totality of the flow of all activities inside your group goes through you.

Now the question becomes how many things can you handle and how fast?

Even if you are the big exception and a human dynamo, you are still the limiting factor of your practice.

How many tasks can you do simultaneously? Multi-tasking has been proven to be a myth. And your attempts to work on multiple items all at once slows down you down to the point that each task could have been better served by doing them one at a time.

Weight of the work over time can crush your soul

When the practice begins to pulse at too high a rate, you pay the price the most. You don’t like it.

You decide the practice is “getting away from you. ”

You make the decision to “right –size.”

A beautiful word that is anything but right.

Right sizing is the cool sounding concept created by “someone” to justify stopping an organization from growing beyond his span of control.

Have you been sucked into this self-defeating mechanism?

Do you want to expand your span of control?

Do you want the practice and life you dreamed of having?

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