Scaling Up - Master Your Practice

Scaling up Your Practice

Whether You Have One Location or Multiple Locations

Scaling up a practice is the big mother of challenges whether you have a single location or multiple locations. Yet, the term scaling up has more than one definition.

As you know, scaling up is term used in the business world to denote the effort to grow a smaller business into big one.

We have a system for growing up a multi-location dental practice that sets atop the normal organizational structure of a practice that serves as a turbo-charger to growth.

In fact, this system can work for any practice or business because it is agnostic to the business itself.

Many doctors and businesses believe that industry knowledge is the key to a successful coaching relationship.

Do you?

If you said yes, let me ask you this question, you have all kinds and manners of industry knowledge now, so why haven’t you scaled up?

 If you are honest, I think you will agree that industry knowledge is not the key component of successful scaling up; after all, you have scads of industry knowledge, but haven’t scaled, right?

So what is? A system designed to add to your organizational muscle that ignites the growth and puts in the requisite systems that allow and maintain a larger business or practice.

The reality is that a dental practice has two deliverables. The first is obvious, fine dental care. The second one is the often ignored, dismissed or held in low regard.

What is this second deliverable? The “machine” that delivers the care! True, it is not a real machine, but a system of systems. Unless your organizational system of systems can deliver the requisite support, any gain will shrivel because the needed foundation is missing.

But wait there is more, a lot more to know about scaling and growing your practice.

Your practice can be divided into seven spheres of which delivery of service is just one! Yes, delivery is a very required one, but only one system of the systems needed.

Six other systems are required plus the system to integrate and run all the systems synchronously.

This takes some doing, but it is certainly within your capacity to master these other systems.

You do need a guide, information and coaching as it is new territory for many doctors.

Naturally, the further your want to scale, the more you must evolve as a leader and integrator of the systems while also running the system as its head.

So what are the missed zones of scaling and growing your practice?

It only takes a review of the big four issues that face very entrepreneur and practice owner to know some of them.

Here are the big four:

  1. No consistent system to bring enough new patients or clients to a business or practice.

    Does that sounds familiar? It should, as this is the complaint of most all dentists (and entrepreneurs of every kind) in the U.S. and abroad!
  2. No consistent method to get people to say yes to your best offerings.

    This means they are missing a system of selling that consistently gets yes’es.
  3. Lack of cash and understanding how to manage it.

    I can’t tell you how much money is lost, leaked out of a practice because the doctor leader did not know where to look or have an interest in managing the cash closely. This is why Corporate America and Wall Street has landed with a big thud in the dental profession. They see the potential and have big dollars to get those profit margins missing from so many other businesses.
  4. Feeling tired, overwhelmed and frustrated. And no wonder.

    Without understanding how the organization should work and having a system to operate the systems, you will be forced into un-ending 18-hour days and sleepless nights far too often. Many entrepreneurs and not a few dentists decide it isn’t worth it and sell in desperation or quit.

Outside the box is more challenging, difficult. It is littered with wasted time, money and effort. 

Ask me how I know.

I have taught public speaking, sales, leadership, case presentation and communication. Over the past twenty years, I have consulted, coached and created programs for 14 different fields and professions outside of Dentistry.

I have helped them grow and manage their businesses to extract all the available profit and discover their hidden, underutilized hard assets and underleveraged human capital.

I have done the same for dental solo practitioners, orthodontists, implantologists, group practices, periodontists and oral surgeons in dentistry.

If you are a multi-location, multi-Dr practice looking to scale, I can help because of my training and experience with Gazelles International, a worldwide business growth coaching organization for entrepreneurs. I help scale their businesses rapidly up using an organizational turbo-charging system. If you want to grow and scale, I am the only dentist in the world with this training.

I have spent millions learning this – learning what to do and what not to do. I made more millions applying the system I developed based on both best practices of business and strategic design and a turbo-charged practice operating system, the same one used by fast growing businesses around the world.

That tract is filled with dead-ends, wrong turns and wasted efforts and comes at a time when time and money are at a premium for you. Wouldn’t you agree?

The problem for you is that route is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. And no longer necessary.

Now before you go off all sad. Know this: it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

Everyone has a starting place of where he or she is now and a goal for a preferred future, one of your choice. We help you start where you are.

These four areas are not the only ones, by the way. They just show up early on in the growth process.

All of the above four need fixing.

So scaling up or growing a practice or business of any kind has right steps to take, done in the right way and in the right order!  

Moreover, every system must scale up or grow too!

Your mechanism of acquiring new patients or clients or customers must scale up because you will need more to feed your growth engine.

Your system of getting patients to say yes needs to scale likewise.

Every system must scale to as you grow because the weak system becomes the stricture that stops your next expansion. In fact, when a particular area is doing well, the adjoining systems that are not upgraded will eventually pull the successful system down!  Ask me why I know. I have lived it.

How could this be? Think of these systems as a gearing mechanism. When one part outgrows the others, it will begin to create friction, grate on the other gears. And it is this grating that makes doctors think growing a practice is so hard because the growth seems to cause more problems and more frustration, not less.  

The reality is that the “machine” and its organization and its leadership and people must grow to ensure delivery in ever growing amounts.

You and your people must grow too.

But, what about the single office with more limited goals? Does it still need scaling up tools?

The answer is a resounding yes because you have to fix these four problems at every stage of a practice!

They must be fixed whether you are one location or many.

Systems and ways of thinking must be adapted for every stage of growth because without this a practice becomes stuck.

This takes practice organization diagnosis and then a treatment plan that we provide as a coaching organization that understands how this works.

Want to know more? Contact us and let’s see what your next should be. We’ll take look at your stricture picture so you can sprint ahead in the right direction.