Spend a Day with the Practice Master - Master Your Practice

Spend a Day with the Practice Master

If you’d like the Master advice, or if you’d like him to help you figure out how best to grow and make your practice more profitable than ever, we make a limited number of days available in Richmond each year at $12,500/day. (If he travels to you, the rate is $30,000 per day.)

Getting New Patients?

Getting Patients to Say Yes?

Strategic Practice Design so Practice Stops Frustrating and Overwhelming You?

Maybe it is something more or different.

Not a problem. Happy to do it. Good at it.

To schedule your day in Richmond, email Consult@masteryourpractice.com or call 804-241-0876

A check arrives or a credit card is paid and a one-day meeting is scheduled.

The practice owner arrives on the appointed day.

It is a tough job. Always is. Exhilarating for all the right reasons.

To earn my money, I must take you through 5 steps, each is understandable but difficult to do. This is how I help grow practices into bigger more profitable ones. This is where the magic happens. And it cannot happen until we have extracted these answers from you.

  • 1
    What are we trying to make happen? How will we measure success? See it clearly. Say it plainly.
  • 2
    The Current Scene
    What is the competition? Do we understand your patient and their feelings and wants? Do you understand the required people equation? What factors are limiting is or holding us back? Name the limiters.
  • 3
    Decide What Gets Priority
    When targets conflict with each other, which one relents? Which target is really important? Decide on the priority.
  • 4
    Strategic Thinking
    What is your secret sauce? What is the shortest path to success? What is the big domino that needs to be knocked over that forwards results? What can eliminate or make the limiting factors inconsequential? How does your business model need to change? Are you willing to execute? Futures are won or lost on this.
  • 5
    Execution Planning and Implementation
    Ready to pull the trigger and move forward? Is it time to quit jabbering about it and go? Are you willing to move now? Action gets change.