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What Happens Eventually When You Grow Your new Patients & Get More Yeses

If you grow your practice and your profits by getting more new patients and getting them to say yes, and you do it well, you will still run into other problems in the other spheres of practice, typically these happen with your team and with collections and with overhead.

Most dentists mistakenly think that just solving the problems of getting new patients and getting them to say yes fixes everything.

It doesn’t.


While increasing new patients and getting case acceptance does solve a lot of problems, it also causes other problems. And these other problems can do you in.

These other problems occur in the other parts of your practice as the increased busyness stresses and strain other parts of your practice causing them to break.

As you get busier, patients begin to fall through the cracks. 

Customer service drops.

Follow-ups don’t happen.

Referrals drop because you seem too busy to patients. 

Account receivables balloon.

Your team starts bickering among themselves.

Your overhead climbs and worse.

More and more work falls on you.

You work harder.

You get less freedom and soon, less money.

Your practice drops into the “no fun” zone and worse.

This cycle is sure to occur unless you do things differently, unless you change how you operate, think and work.

But, to what?

Each of the seven major parts of your practice must grow together so they can work together synchronously.

Each sphere (part) of the practice supports and integrates with the others.

Each requires energy and intention to do well.

When one or two areas of your practice improve like new patients and case acceptance, the other functional areas must improve also to maintain the increase.

Systems must become more streamlined and followed. Delegation must occur. You will need to give away many of the jobs you have done previously.

If you don’t do these actions, you will work harder then ever and wonder if it is all worth it.

All parts of your practice must be elevated if you are to maintain the increase.

If they are not elevated, you make less money and have less time, not more.

These spheres of your practice must be coordinated and improved together.

Your systems, tools and operations must evolve as you grow.

You must evolve as your practice grows.

You have to evolve into different work and different thinking.

Doing the right things at the right times with the right methods will give you the practice you want, the money you want and the freedom you want.

Don’t worry.

It is simpler that you might have imagined.